The Let’s Go Show Recap: Workplace Strategies Moving CRE Forward with Monika Solak of Nexudus

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Today, flexible work environments are driven by a single truth: the hybrid workplace is what modern tenants want. And to meet their demands, office buildings need to be more than a location that produces work. 

From the pre-pandemic coworking boom to today’s demands for an individualized approach to workplaces, Monika Solak of Nexudus has seen it all. 

In this episode of The Let’s Go Show, Chase Garbarino sits down with Monika to discuss the strategies and directives behind the flexible, more engaging workplaces of the future.

Nexudus serves as a source of truth for flexible workspaces: they help property teams with everything from everyday property operations to prioritizing a great tenant experience. 

Flexible spaces enable a greater focus on workplace experience, Monika said, because they prioritize how people feel while working in a building and provide actionable data to enhance their experience.

The future of the commercial real estate (CRE) industry has always been flexible, Monika asserted, and the pandemic has just accelerated this shift. This is because flexible spaces are not only about the physical office space, but the services and technology that improves the space. 

“The core value that you need to look at is tailoring whatever you offer to your target customer,” Monika noted, and flex spaces allow property owners and landlords to do just that. 

To learn why technology is essential to an engaging, flexible workplace experience, listen to The Let’s Go Show’s latest episode.

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On Today’s Episode

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Chase Garbarino, CEO and Co-Founder at HqO, the only end-to-end operating system for commercial office buildings.



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Monika Solak, Head of Sales at Nexudus



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