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HqO Security Practices

Our Approach

Security is an integral component of our business. HqO’s customers and users entrust us with their work-life information, and we aim to process and store that information thoughtfully and intelligently.

We see our data security as a differentiator for us in the marketplace, and we have commitments from all levels of the business to resource it appropriately.

Our Team

Our security team, including our Chief Information Security Officer, is comprised with individuals in leadership positions from our technology, legal, operations, human resources and financial teams.

We meet weekly for quick check-ins, monthly for official updates with our CISO, and we have more than twenty ceremonies throughout the year to covering a wide array of security-related activities to plan, execute, monitor and react with our ISMS.

Our Commitment

Here is a list of the certifications and compliances we either have or are pursuing.

SOC 2 Completed
GDPR, GDPR-UK HqO has been GDPR compliant since October 2019. Formerly covered by the Privacy Shield, we execute Standard Contractual Clauses with customers and plan to regionalize our architecture by Q3 2021.
CCPA Although we are not subject to CCPA based on its criteria, HqO has been CCPA compliant since October 2019. We will maintain CCPA compliance on each major and minor release of the regulation.
PIPEDA For our Canadian customers, we have maintained compliance with PIPEDA since Jan 2020.
ISO-27001, 27002 Completed

Your Data

We believe that all of our users and customers have rights to their data, regardless of regulatory governance.

You may have the right to:

  • Request access to the personal data we hold about you.
  • Request we correct any inaccurate personal data we hold about you.
  • Request we delete any personal data we hold about you (“Right to be Forgotten”). We have a process in place to ensure that HqO as well as any sub-processing entity are capable of supporting a user’s right to be forgotten.
  • Restrict the processing of Personal Data we hold about youObject to the processing of Personal Data we hold about you.
  • Receive any Personal Data we hold about you in a structured and commonly used machine-readable format or have such Personal Data transmitted to another company.
  • We host our North American clients within AWS’s US East region. Our environments are logically separated by leveraging completely different AWS accounts for production, staging and development. Private VPCs in our production environment ensure communication between our services is protected from unauthorized connections. All data is encrypted in transmit and at rest (with AWS RDS Auroa MySQL).
  • We host our European clients within AWS’s EU Central region. We created databases in multiple regions in furtherance of a robust privacy compliance framework (in accordance with GDPR and other privacy regulations) by splitting out user data and storing EU user data centrally in one location in the AWS EU region.

To make any of these requests, please visit our Request Your Data page to contact us either by email or telephone. To learn more about how we process your data, please go here.

Our Policies

To get a better sense of how are information security management system operates, here’s a list of a subset of our policies:

  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Access Management Policy
  • Assets Management Policy
  • Backup Management Policy
  • Change Management Policy
  • Control of Operational Software Policy
  • Cryptographic Policy
  • Human Resource Security Policy
  • Incident Response Policy
  • Information Classification Policy
  • Legal & Compliance Policy
  • Logging and Monitoring Policy
  • Mobile Device Management Policy
  • Network Security Policy _ Network Transfer Management
  • Physical Access Policy
  • Risk Management Policy
  • Vendor Relationship Policy
  • Vulnerability Management Policy

If you’d like to learn more about a particular policy, please contact us at [email protected].

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