Establish direct landlord-tenant communication

Learn how tenant communication software can create meaningful connections with every member of your building community.

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Historically, landlords and property teams have used antiquated methods to reach tenant employees. These may include email or relying on office managers and tenant representatives to disseminate important information. Now, you can establish a direct line of communication with your tenants by leveraging a powerful tenant app and command center to connect people to each other — as well as people to your building.

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HqOS Content Manager

Create engaging content

With our built-in communication tools, you can engage your tenant community through meaningful content creation. Curate a central hub for all your building information, as well as use featured posts to highlight major building initiatives. Leveraging the HqO platform to provide your building occupants with a tenant communication app can bring attention to everything from the latest building protocols, to local transportation and food delivery options, to tenant appreciation initiatives such as trivia and giveaways.

Additionally, our Audiences feature allows you to control what users, companies, or buildings see the content within your building’s tenant app. Property teams can specify which audiences have access to specific in-app events, posts, or deals.

Send important push notifications

HqOS™ allows you to send timely, targeted notifications to tenants. Since our platform is downloaded directly to every tenant employee’s smartphone, you no longer have to rely on email or tenant gatekeepers to get your message to your desired audience.

Push Notifications
Community Forum

Foster a vibrant tenant community

Our native Community Forum feature is a digital bulletin board for your building, where users can create and share building-wide content and receive replies from fellow occupants. Allow your building community to thrive through offering tenant-sourced content and strengthening your tenant network. You can also moderate Community Forum content to ensure community content is aligned with your building community’s values, ensuring a positive workplace environment for every tenant company and employee.

Offer your tenants peace of mind

Ensuring the safety and security of your tenant base is paramount to any commercial office asset. There are some things you simply cannot plan for, but what you can do is invest in communication infrastructure that allows you to alert tenants, mitigate security risks, and keep people informed and safe. HqO can facilitate timely communication through push notifications and content, but we also integrate with trusted, best-in-class emergency communications partners to ensure tenant safety, such as:

  • LiveSafe
  • AK Preparedness
Safety Notifications

“Connecting with our tenants is a critical part of [our efforts], and HqO has enabled us to engage directly with the people working in our buildings. We have received positive feedback from our tenants, and the value of this platform has continued to increase in the COVID-19 environment.”

– Jay Scholten, Vice President, Innovation and Asset Management at The Swig Company

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