Increase tenant and employee engagement.

To create deeper tenant and employee engagement, you have to provide touch points, services, information, and more that complement the workplace. These strategies will create value in the office and simplify and elevate the lives of the people who work and play at your property.

The Highest Levels of Engagement

Alongside our Workplace Experience Platform, we offer an entire dedicated team to help you every step of the way. From elevating your event programming, to easily disseminating important building information, to surprising and delighting tenants with special perks and benefits, you’ll add value to the workplace and create loyal customers.

Work with a Dedicated Team

Your success is our success. Take advantage of a dedicated Customer Success and Tenant Experience team that can advise and support you through product implementation, deployment, and beyond.

Dedicated tenant engagement experts
Bring hospitality to the workplace

Add Value to the Workplace

Stand out among your competitors by bringing hospitality into the workplace. Blend the digital and physical environments by offering new workplace services, virtual and on-site events and programming, and more.

Make the Right Investments

Harness the HqO Workplace Experience App to deliver the workplace experiences that tenants really care about. Every event registration, booked resource or amenity, and tenant survey can help you understand what your tenants love — and what they don’t. This real-time feedback and data will also ensure that you remain proactive about your office’s amenities, programming, and events.

Workplace engagement data
Mobile ordering

Expand Your Community

Local and on-site retailers play a critical role in the workplace. By using order ahead and convenience capabilities, you can not only establish and support stronger relationships with the people within your building, but with the surrounding community.


“We want people to love [our property], and for it to function as a retention tool for tenants. If we make their lives easier, they will stay a part of our community. We think of it as creating a virtuous cycle, where everyone’s lives can be better and everyone can benefit from it.”

Pat Rippe
Managing Director of Portfolio Optimization

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Workplace Engagement Solutions

The HqO Workplace Experience Platform provides the tools to create a holistic, people-first workplace that engages your entire building community.

  • Events & Programming
  • Community
  • Wellness
  • Workplace Services
  • Food Ordering & Retail
  • Transportation & Parking

In The Marketplace

We partner with the best partners and technologies to offer the best aspects of your community at your fingertips.

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