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Improve building performance with informed decisions.

Whether you’re cutting down on costs or making better investments that will keep people coming to your building or office space, you’ll need solutions to eliminate guesswork and make more informed financial decisions.

Getting the Most out of the Workplace

The HqO Workplace Experience Platform provides valuable insights for an accurate, holistic view of your workplace. Landlords can save time and increase NOI through tenant satisfaction and renewals. Large employers can increase employee engagement, retention, and productivity by harnessing real-time data when making future investment decisions.


Create Efficiencies

Building automation capabilities, combined with behavioral data, can help you trim operational costs by determining when and how people are using your building. With these features, you can maximize space utilization and workplace ROI.

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Sentiment, Feedback, and Behavior

Put your money into experiences that create the most value for your workplace. Learn how people use your spaces and experiences — and continually collect direct tenant or employee feedback — to identify the right amenities and resources for the workforce.


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Increase Lease Renewals

Leverage data and analytics dashboards to discover which tenants are the most engaged and satisfied with your property. Based on real-time engagement and tenant satisfaction feedback, you will be able to predict lease renewals and focus on at-risk tenant companies.

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Tap Into New Lines of Revenue

Partner with local and on-site retailers and organizations to surprise and delight your tenants, support the larger community, and open up new lines of revenue for your property. By continually engaging with both those in and around the workplace, you’ll keep people coming back day in and day out.


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Engage & Retain Talent

Leverage employee sentiment data to retain your employees and create a sense of belonging by providing a workplace employees want to be a part of.


“We now have an opportunity to establish two-way dialogue using digital connectivity. The app actually triggers emotions and shows us where the future lies. This is just the beginning of what innovation can do. We believe this will enable our clients to attract and retain the best talent for their properties.”

Nishit Shah
Senior Manager of Smart Buildings

Asset performance solutions

Asset Performance Solutions

Our solutions span across every aspect of asset management to save you money and help you make more informed property decisions that drive higher NOI.

  • Data & Analytics
  • Sentiment & Behavior Insights
  • Attract & Retain Tenants
  • Attract & Retain Talent
  • Sustainability
  • Smart Buildings

Boost workplace value and stand out from the competition.