5 of Our Favorite Tenant Experience App Features

Tenant Experience App Features: 5 Improvements for Your Office | HqO
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The adoption of office technology partnerships has become a necessity in a world adjusting to more flexible, hybrid work models. Modern tenant experience strategies aim to help landlords and property management teams bring new life to the overall building experience, while also reinforcing a competitive advantage in an evolving industry. Because of this, tenant experience software has grown in popularity among commercial real estate (CRE) leaders — helping to strengthen landlord-tenant communication and establish a more customer-centric model for the office. Offering the best tenant experience app features through your tenants’ smartphones will enhance customer satisfaction and drive value throughout your entire portfolio.

At HqO, we work with best-in-class technologies to grow our partner ecosystem to meet every office’s needs. The combination of our platforms built-in and integrated features — from visitor management solutions to unique digital programming — are available at the click of a button, just like a remote control for your building. Here are just a few of our favorite capabilities that you can achieve through our HqOS operating system and Tenant Experience Platform.

1. Engaging Content

With our built-in communication tools, you can engage your building community through meaningful content creation. Curate a central hub for all your building information, as well as use featured posts to highlight major initiatives. Leveraging the HqO platform to provide your building occupants with a tenant communication app can bring attention to everything from the latest building protocols, to local transportation and food delivery options, to tenant appreciation initiatives such as trivia and giveaways.

2. Seamless Building Entry

Through our Tenant Experience Platform, you will be able to provision mobile access credentials to tenants. By “tapping” or “twisting” their phone in front of readers to access their building or suite, tenants will experience a safe, secure, and frictionless building entry. Such utilitarian functionality will impress tenants and help increase app downloads and engagement. Our technology partners include HID, Openpath, Proxy, and Datawatch.

3. Efficient Resource Booking

HqOS’ resource booking functionalities ensure that your tenants can consistently and intuitively engage with your on-site resources. Through our built-in app features, you can allow tenants to book shared spaces like conference rooms or on-site event spaces; customize the date, time, and duration of booking windows based on the available spaces in your building; and empower tenants to book available time-slots directly in-app. Additionally, our range of Marketplace partners — which includes Angus Systems and Building Engines — can further establish a smooth work order and reservation process for every office tenant.

4. Easy Food Service 

HqO’s built-in food and retail ordering solutions can reduce friction for your tenants by connecting them directly with on-site or local retailers. Through our app, you can create custom deals and content to drive more foot traffic to your retailers while delighting your tenants. Additionally, we integrate with existing point-of-sale (POS) systems — like those that are offered by Marketplace partners Toast and SpeedETab — to support local businesses and delight your tenants. Bringing everything together, the HqOS end-to-end operating system allows you to go beyond the app to view dashboards with your tenants’ total order ahead spend and which tenants spend the most — thus tracking retailer performance by total revenue and number of orders.

5. Painless Commutes

Our HqOS Marketplace helps address tenant pain points and provides solutions for every mode of transportation, including: shuttles that allow tenants to track your building’s shuttle location and see schedule updates in real-time, parking options that connect tenants to your on-site valet or available parking spaces, public transportation screens to aggregate public transit data so your tenants can easily optimize their commute, and micromobility features that provide real-time data on the status of local bike shares, scooters, and other shared mobility options. 

HqO: Driving the Best Tenant Experiences

Our vision of connecting technology and the office opens up a whole world of capabilities to landlords and property teams. Now, you can start differentiating your assets by providing unique and memorable experiences to tenants through HqOS™ — the only end-to-end tenant experience operating system for CRE. 

To learn more about HqO and our end-to-end operating system, schedule a free demo today.

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