5 Ways Workplace Analytics Are Transforming the Office

5 Ways Workplace Analytics Are Transforming the Office | HqO
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Companies are being more deliberate with their office strategies as they adapt to today’s hybrid workforce. Human Resources and Workplace Experience Managers are replacing hunches about what they think makes a great employee experience with workplace analytics tools that provide concrete data-driven insights.

Employers cant fix what they dont understand.” That’s one of the most important findings from the 2021 McKinsey survey of managers and workers. The report revealed a significant disconnect between what management thinks they need to do to attract and retain employees, and what employees actually want.

To manage this expectations gap, leading organizations are implementing digital workplace solutions to accommodate the hybrid workforce. A Deloitte report explains that “by integrating the technologies that employees use (from the e-mail, instant messaging, and enterprise social media tools to HR applications and virtual meeting tools), the digital workplace breaks down communication barriers, positioning you to transform the employee experience by fostering efficiency, innovation, and growth.”

Analytics tools, like a workplace experience platform, are a key part of a digital workplace strategy.

Support Hybrid Employees

Knowledge workers have overwhelmingly said that they want flexibility in where and when they work. Workplace analytics tools can foster higher levels of employee satisfaction and engagement by providing the workforce with the tools they need where and when they need them.

The right tools will also support employees’ professional and personal goals giving them the freedom to accomplish work tasks while achieving a more proportional work-life balance. Platforms like HqO provide relevant content and programming that are accessible from anywhere, at home or in the office. In addition, employees will have easy access to the tasks they do on a daily basis including booking conference rooms, picking up dry cleaning, or booking time for a yoga drop-in session.

Increase Employee Collaboration

The office of the future is not a one-size-fits-all model. Companies that have switched to hybrid or remote work are reimagining the physical office. It’s no longer about rows of desks. Instead, companies that want to boost collaboration among their hybrid workforce are using the office as a place to exchange ideas, make connections, and strengthen culture instead of providing a place to sit and accomplish tasks that can be done anywhere.

Using the office as a place of community is important to managers and employees, as 75% of employees rate teamwork and collaboration as being very important to them. Tech-enabled workspaces are critical to creating this people-focused office of the future. Giving employees the ability to engage with workplace amenities and services provides the right space that your team needs to excel.

Support HR Leaders

Human Resources teams need to support the rest of the organization while also taking the lead in the hybrid workplace revolution. Technology that can take the guesswork out of the administration process, automate repeatable tasks, and give HR leaders insights into what drives employee engagement and retention will smooth the transition. Free of some of this work, HR teams have more time to focus on building and maintaining company culture.

In addition, an employee experience app that can reach every worker, regardless of where they are physically working, helps HR navigate the employee lifecycle with ease while creating more positive employee experiences.

Optimize Real Estate Investments

Workplace analytics provide the insights business managers need to optimize office investments and resources. The right tools provide business managers with information about when employees are using office resources, which resources are in high or low demand, and can give a macro view.

Insights into office resources can reveal how to scale for growth. Depending on where and how your teams work, you may find flex space ideal. Or conversely, you may find you require more dedicated desks.

Enable Data-Driven Workplace Decisions

The evolving workplace is exactly that it continues to evolve at a rapid pace. In today’s competitive job market, HR and business leaders need to be proactive, not reactive, when making workplace decisions. The HqO workplace experience platform provides decision-makers with the right information they need to confidently enact changes that create well-rounded and holistic employee experiences, which help attract and retain top talent.

For more information about how you can transform your workplace through analytics, schedule a consultation with HqO today.

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