7 Strategies Leveraged by Buildings with the Best Tenant Experience

Buildings with the Best Tenant Experience: 7 Strategies to Know | HqO
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To be one of the buildings with the best tenant experience, you need the right mindset and technology tool kit. For landlords and property teams, bringing new life to the office demands everything from providing “phygital” or omnichannel experiences that can reach tenants wherever they are, to streamlining building processes to create a frictionless journey throughout the building, to even collecting meaningful data on building occupants to continue to determine the best strategies moving forward.

Adopting a more customer-centric and tech-enabled approach to one’s portfolio has seen growth amid commercial real estate’s recent digital transformation due to the growth of hybrid work models and the needs to communicate with a dispersed workforce and appeal to modern tenants. Therefore, many leading landlords have already started to reap the benefits of leveraging digital tenant experience technologies in their properties. Here are seven tips and tricks that we gathered from the successes of HqO customers on how tenant experience software can drive unique results for any portfolio:

Increasing Lines of Communication 

Many landlords and property teams have been using the HqO platform as a communication tool, both when it comes to instilling faith around return to office initiatives and sharing regular building updates. Some have even repurposed sections of our Tenant Experience Platform into dedicated locations for ongoing property-wide memos, new cleaning and sanitation measures, re-opening details, construction updates, and much, much more.

Implementing Digital Programming

Whether it’s a public-facing tenant app, or one dedicated just to the workplace, we’ve seen landlords offering a wide array of unique digital programming opportunities to their customers. For example, at Spitalfields Market in the UK, J.P. Morgan created an events calendar that can communicate and facilitate the booking of events being hosted on-site. Other landlords have taken a similar approach by hosting virtual bake sales and philanthropic events, wellness and fitness courses, weekly trivia, and even giveaways.

Supporting Local Retailers

HqO works with a number of on-site retail and food and beverage vendors to curate exclusive in-app deals that not only bring joy to every tenant, but also encourages engagement with the retailers. Whether it be a simple discount or offering a specific promotional item that can be claimed through the app, property teams can strengthen community connections while also establishing additional revenue streams for their portfolio.

Promoting Sustainability Initiatives

More and more companies are diving into corporate sustainability, and tenant experience technology is the perfect avenue to spread the news. Some companies have leveraged our tools to encourage commuters to choose micromobility options, thus adopting a planet-friendly commute. Others have even offered special discounts through the app for participating food vendors when customers use reusable containers.

Diversifying Commuter Options

HqO’s popular transit screen options allow for users to effectively plan their best route to and from office locations, by offering live local transport information that is geolocated to the property. Transit options can be customized to provide shuttle tracking services and updates, locations of bikes and docking stations, parking solutions, and more.

Gathering Meaningful Feedback

As is the case with any technology usage, tenant experience moguls know that they can leverage the various activations throughout their properties to collect real-time feedback and data on their building occupants. Certain landlords have taken this a step further by pushing out regular surveys to tenants through their mobile app, helping them determine what has been popular for tenants, what they want to hear more about, and what can be changed to generate value throughout their properties.

Using TeX as a Branding Tool 

Some of the most memorable tenant experiences stem from taking the HqO platform a step further by reinforcing the overall landlord brand. For example, The Swig Company’s progressive goals led it to ensuring that HqO’s mobile app could channel their h3experiences platform, which encompasses their workplace innovation and technology, sustainability and wellness, and community impact. 

As The Swig Company’s Jay Scholten explains: “A primary goal of h3experiences is to create excitement about the communities within our buildings, and for us to work together with our tenants to support our neighborhoods and local organizations. Connecting with our tenants is a critical part of this effort, and HqO has enabled us to engage directly with the people working in our buildings.”

Whether it’s your first time testing out a tenant engagement platform, or you’re a tenant experience pro, we can always learn new and engaging tactics from our peers. Now more than ever, landlords and property teams can take advantage of this current time period where less people are in the buildings to begin testing technology solutions and refining strategies moving forward that will increase building occupancy and NOI.

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