An Inside Look: Buildings with the Best Tenant Experience

Buildings with the Best Tenant Experience: An Inside Look | HqO
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The modern commercial real estate (CRE) market has gone through an unprecedented digital transformation. With the value equation shifting from buildings themselves to the people who occupy them, modern office technology is helping CRE leaders determine what makes buildings with the best tenant experience. Platforms such as HqO’s end-to-end operating system are helping landlords and property teams blend the physical and digital workplaces by providing easy access to a growing ecosystem of best-in-class technology partners that ensure innovative, engaging, and memorable experiences that streamline even the most complex interactions. 

Below are just a few commercial real estate success stories that show the power of leveraging the HqO platform to turn tenant experience technology into a competitive advantage:

  • 955 Massachusetts Avenue: Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation sought to further support their tenant companies through modern employee engagement strategies in one of their low-amenitized office buildings in Harvard Square. One of 955 Mass Ave.’s biggest problems, aside from not being optimized for amenities, was competing with neighboring properties and companies in order to bring an excellent experience to their building occupants and retain the key tenants that already resided in their building. Temptation was on every corner with shiny, modern, amenitized spaces, so the goal was simple: Elevate the office’s profile — and quickly — in order to show appreciation for tenants, build a greater line of communication during upcoming construction and maintenance updates, and utilize HqO’s custom white-labeled app to facilitate strategic amenity rollouts. Thus, Intercontinental successfully partnered with HqO to drive tenant outreach during the rollout of the amenity center, communicate with tenants during periods of disruptive construction, and shared renderings, pictures, and details of the plans and construction through the app in order to get them excited and engaged.
  • Innovation and Design Building: To attract and retain highly sought-after tenants, Jamestown, like most commercial office owners, invested heavily in amenities for the IDB Building located in Boston’s Seaport area. These investments include on-site retail, a fitness center, shuttles, and community events. But Jamestown needed a way to track which amenities were popular, effectively communicate the offerings to their tenants, and incentivize and promote on-site and local retail to the tenant population. They partnered with HqO to build a technology solution to streamline communication, activate their amenities, and track data to help them align future investments and effectively serve the ever-changing customer experience needs. The Jamestown team quickly achieved their goals of activating their investments, building a stronger community with their tenants, and reinforcing their brand.
  • The District: National Development launched HqO at their expansive business park complete with office, retail, and restaurant space, nestled outside of the city in Burlington, MA. At the time, The District had already boasted a lively environment and several tenant-focused events, but the large nature of its campus meant that they needed a more streamlined way to reach and connect every tenant and employee. They also wanted to bring in digital programming to activate their on-site amenities and reach tenants no matter where they worked. Through the HqO app, they were successfully able to disseminate information to everyone — as well as to establish new and unique classes, in-app perks, and events — thus spreading their workplace culture to the people they were previously unable to reach and increasing tenant satisfaction.
  • Spitalfields Market: At London’s coveted Spitalfields Market, landlord J.P. Morgan wanted to create safer — and more engaging — physical and digital opportunities for their tenants and visitors. Additionally, to adapt to modern health concerns and improve the overall experience, the global landlord knew the following were key to their success: re-opening their office space and market post-lockdown, providing information on COVID-19 safety measures, granting Spitalfields Market’s office occupiers access to the market and its traders and deals, and elevating their sustainability initiatives. After working closely with HqO’s tenant experience team, J.P. Morgan achieved their goals of elevating the tenant and visitor experience by activating on-site retail and keeping their end-users connected to Spitalfields in an otherwise uncertain time. One of these strategies included becoming the first building in the United Kingdom to provide order ahead capabilities to a public audience.

Our end-to-end tenant experience operating system can aggregate solutions for all your digital tenant experience and modern workplace needs through deep in-app integrations and our technology partners. Not only can our technology ecosystem make a building’s daily operations easier, but it can also create unique workplace experiences for all of your tenants that will draw them into your physical workplace. In today’s world, such digital-to-physical capabilities are a major differentiator for tenants determining who are seeking out workplaces that align with their individual needs and tech-savvy skillsets.

To learn more about how you can create efficiencies in your building’s operations, as well as retain and attract tenants, schedule your free demo.

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