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A Better Workplace Experience through Customer Success | HqO
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Last week, we talked about the importance of technology in the workplace and its ability to enhance the tenant engagement journey — all the way from initial activation to building full-fledged customer loyalty. And, needless to say, workplace technology comes with a lot of moving parts. Property teams have an endless array of modern solutions to choose from and deploy, including curated digital content, resource booking and mobile access tools, and more.

Implementing these diverse technologies, alongside using them to adopt a data-driven approach to tenant engagement, takes significant time and work from property teams. That’s why at HqO, we have entire dedicated teams to help our customers throughout the entire process, from designing tenant experience programs to understanding building analytics.

The HqO Difference

Our Implementation, Customer Success, and Tenant Experience teams work together and serve as true partners to landlords and property teams to bring the highest valued product experience, engagement, communication, and insights to a given property. 


HqO can help landlords and property teams through mobile app configuration, jumpstarting important training, launch planning, and technology activation.

Customer Success

A customer success manager will provide proactive consultation on industry best practices for customer experience, strategic alignment to drive achievable business outcomes, and Marketplace counseling for partner and vendor selection on an ongoing basis.

Experience Management

HqO offers programming and content management, event planning support, messaging and notifications, data-driven strategies, and platform guidance to help deliver best-in-class experiences for every tenant.

Customer Support

HqO’s Customer Support team provides on-demand support, answers any questions, and also manages technical support directly for tenants on behalf of property teams.

Solutions Architecture

Robust solutions architecture services are a customer’s technology resource for transitioning and improving their tech stack. HqO owns end-to-end system design, technology evaluation and deployment, existing technology stack analysis, and data capture, measurement, and maintenance so property teams don’t have to worry about it.

Ultimately, HqO helps property teams everywhere transform their workplaces without adding more to their plates, allotting property teams more time to focus on their business goals and stay on the cutting edge of the latest features, programs, and innovations in commercial real estate. 

Beyond the Average Work Day 

A property’s engagement and experience strategies can help it stand out from the competition and establish it as more than just a workplace. By focusing on the people in a given building, teams can then create a true destination that offers community and conveniences well beyond the typical work day.

“Community really starts with the people,” said Whitney Burns, Vice President of Global Strategy at Hines at EXPERIENCE 2021. “During COVID, we’ve really missed human interaction, so the need for community has risen to the top […] It’s about making the time spent in our office buildings more efficient and productive for both the work lives and personal lives of our tenants.”

These innovative, bigger-than-life experiences can already be seen across the world, from Cadillac Fairview’s flagship property the Eaton Centre in Toronto, to J.P. Morgan’s coveted Spitalfields Market in London, to even Jamestown’s historic Ponce City Market in Atlanta, Georgia.

No matter the size or location, a keen focus on a property’s experiences will ensure that the workplace is memorable and engaging. And, by delivering tenants what they want through more informed and personalized strategies, property teams will successfully attract and retain tenants and remain ahead of the curve as commercial real estate (CRE) goes through a massive people-first transformation.

Want to learn more about how our Engagement Experts can help you enhance your tenant engagement strategies through technology? Download our latest guide, Engaging the Workplace, today.

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