Data and the New Workplace Experience

Workplace Data and the Tenant Experience | HqO
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In a world powered by technology, workplaces that invest in data and analytics tools will take the lead. After all, its one thing to provide engaging and unique offerings for the workforce, but another to ensure that the investments made are the right investments.

With property teams relying on meaningful and real-time insights including data on workplace satisfaction and behavioral patterns its important to dive into the metrics that they believe can take their workplaces to the next level.

Prioritizing Metrics

Respondents to our 2022 Tenant Engagement Report, which surveyed our growing customer base of over 100 landlords and property teams, identified the following metrics as the most important to the success of their properties:

Data and the New Workplace Experience

  • The percentage of tenants who use building spaces and amenities (43%)
  • The percentage of tenants who interact with virtual content (29%)
  • The percentage of tenants who participate in events (16%)

Other noted metrics of importance included:

  • The percentage of tenants who use local retailers and restaurants
  • The percentage of tenants who display regular building app usage
  • General occupancy levels
  • Open-ended survey responses that help tailor programming and establish landlord trust

Ultimately, such analytics capabilities will be used to measure the success of attraction and retention strategies leading into 2022, which respondents said include building and facility refurbishments and amenitization, virtual workplace engagement programs, HVAC upgrades, flexible leasing options, and more.

How HqO Can Help

As the workplace continues to change in 2022, office owners and operators will need the right platform to stay connected with both tenants and employees and understand how they are using the workplace.

The HqO Workplace Experience Platform helps drive engagement regardless of the size or diversity of your property or portfolio. Its plentiful native and partner workplace modules come together in a single user-friendly mobile app that can reach tenants, employees, and even communal flex space members. Additionally, its rich data and analytics dashboards inform better decision-making and help teams keep up with evolving tenant and employee demands.

Together with our latest product updates which include flexible workplace management tools, tenant satisfaction metrics, and an employee experience interface HqOs data and analytics dashboards bring a people-first focus into the workplace to create more seamless, flexible, and personalized experiences. Together, we can define a more inclusive workplace and a successful year ahead.

Want to learn more to kickstart your 2022 workplace planning? Download our new Tenant Engagement Report today.

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