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There are many hypotheses on the changes both long- and short-term coming to the commercial real estate (CRE) industry in a post-COVID world. What will not change are the fundamentals of the industry: occupancy rates and tenant retention will still be essential to the financial performance of an office asset or portfolio. The ability to adapt asset strategies based on changes in tenant behavior and sentiment in a post-COVID world is paramount for any ownership or property team looking to ensure the long-term value of their assets. Collecting actionable data is critical to developing this understanding of tenant sentiment, and, according to Ernst & Young, deploying new data and analytics tools is the #1 technology priority for commercial office owners post-COVID. At HqO, we believe that owners and operators who effectively deploy building analytics software to collect, store, and learn from tenant data will separate themselves from the pack and accelerate leasing cycles, improve tenant retention, and optimize operational efficiency within their portfolio.

What You Get in HqOs Advanced Analytics Platform

HqOs analytics offering also known as the HqOS Digital Grid centralizes key tenant metrics so portfolio managers, asset managers, and property managers can uncover data-driven insights and take action to improve their assets. We help our customers create tenant value by providing behavior data for them to discover the most important insights about their building: who is there, how they are using the space, and how they are experiencing their offerings (such amenities, programming, and more).

Our analytics provide a complete picture of our customers assets, starting with the spaces in their building and the people who are frequenting these spaces. Then, HqO supplements data on the physical world with metrics on tenant experience. This may include everything from what content tenants are most interested in, to how often they are coming to the building, to even what restaurants they order from. By centralizing and organizing these key data points, our customers can make data-driven decisions to increase retention, inform CapEx decisions, and ultimately increase their net operating income (NOI).

Building Analytics Use-Cases

By honing in on key insights across tenant engagement, amenity benchmarking, and tenant satisfaction, we provide property teams with actionable intelligence on how the experience throughout their office buildings stacks up against the rest of their portfolio as well as the market. Here are four CRE use-cases where our data and analytics offering come into play:

  • For the CRE Executive: We help CRE Executives make data-driven decisions about their portfolio as a whole. This includes allowing them to track technology usage on a building by building basis, this informing their future strategies. They are also empowered to leverage meaningful tenant engagement and sentiment data in the asset sales process.
  • For Property Management: Proper managers can use our product to focus on high-impact tenants and activities which in turn saves them time and increases operational efficiency. They can also use engagement metrics to optimize budgets and tenant experience programming initiatives.
  • For Asset Management: Our business analytics tools can be leveraged by using tenant data to inform CapEx decisions. Asset managers can track the overall effectiveness of events and deal to inform present and future budgets, as well as use tenant engagement data as a differentiator in potential acquisitions.
  • For Leasing and Marketing: The Digital Grid can also identify good-fit prospective tenants based on most engaged tenant sectors. Additionally, leasing and marketing teams can actively differentiate their building and spaces by sharing real engagement data, as well as popular tenant events and deals with prospective tenants based on their interests.

More Than Just the Right Business Analytics Tools for Your Portfolio

Naturally, our building analytics software does not stand alone, combining with a universal remote for your assets and a marketplace where you can find and manage pre-vetted systems and amenity providers in one holistic, end-to-end operating system. More than just a big data platform, such technology manages all customer-facing technology tools within a building, while empowering teams to activate real connections between people and their properties through digital-to-physical experiences, data-driven decision making, and the fast implementation of innovative asset strategies.

The three layers of HqOS work seamlessly together to produce multiple data activations and compound positive results for any portfolio. Interested in learning more about the Digital Grid or HqOS? Schedule a free demo today!

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