The HqO Difference: Making Sales Matter

Thomas Sinner Observations
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Have you ever received a sales call?

Imagine: you’re sitting in your office, you’re working diligently, and then, out of the blue, your phone starts to ring. You decide to pick it up (more out of habit than anything else) and, much to your discontent, you realize that you’re talking to a sales representative.

How do you respond? Do you hang up? Or do you allow them to speak, just to give them a chance?

As a Business Development Representative (BDR), I get it. Cold calls can be unpleasant. They can interrupt your day. They can even be painful. 

But, at the same time, they don’t have to be. I make a lot of calls to potential customers, and due to HqO’s unique approach, we remove friction from the sales process by prioritizing their needs and success — not ours.

In this blog, I’ll talk a little bit more about our novel approach to the workplace experience industry. I’ll also detail how and why that approach delivers long term value for our customers. 

Taking the Road Less Traveled

In a world that’s full of marketing and advertisements, it can feel like everyone is trying to sell you something. In fact, these days, it can feel like companies are trying to sell you their product no matter what — regardless of whether or not you actually want or need it.

That’s where the difference begins between HqO and the other guys. 

Imagine a path that splits in two directions, like in that famous Robert Frost poem. In one direction, you have the road well-traveled: the one with pushy salespeople, who over-value the short-term and don’t really act in the customer’s interest. But in the other direction, you have the road less traveled: the one with thoughtful sales personnel who prioritize the long term interests of all parties. 

Everyone at HqO knows that the success of our product is directly tied to the success of our customers. That’s why we take the road less traveled. By treating our customers with dignity and respect, we’re able to advance the interests of all parties and make an actual positive impact on our end-users. 

Solving Problems by Making Connections

As a BDR, it’s my job to build connections and share information on HqO’s product offerings in an honest, succinct, and straightforward way. 

Simple, right? 

We think so. 

It all goes back to the way that we approach our business. We really see ourselves as resources to help our clients succeed, rather than salespeople. That’s something that I try to think about whenever I go into a call or a meeting with a potential customer. My job is to help, by acting as a consultant to guarantee mutual success.

The fact is, we all have a ton of things going on in our lives. We all have work projects, deadlines, relationships to maintain, hobbies to enjoy, and so on. Life is just busy. We all have a lot to do.

Think about it. You get a call in the midst of the tornado of life, and realize that there is a solution that could make your life a little bit simpler. Wouldn’t that be powerful? 

As a BDR, I get to have dozens of conversations every month with professionals from all walks of life. Many of them decide to do business with HqO, but, of course, some of them don’t. And that’s okay. After a long day of work, it’s important for me to remind myself that I’m able to have these productive conversations. 

That bedrock of trust and mutual respect is what allows me to get into a room and have a productive, frank exchange with a potential customer in the hopes that I can make their jobs a tad bit easier.

Try Taking the Path Less Traveled

I hope this blog makes you take a second to answer as you think, “I wonder what opportunity has come my way? What solution does this person have to share with me that can potentially impact my business and help calm the tornado of my life?” 

You never know, maybe “the path less traveled” will make all the difference.


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