Using Tenant Experience Software to Grow Community

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Tenant experience software can take many shapes and forms. 

In today’s world, the tenant experience extends beyond the building itself, meaning the tools to support it must encompass every element in and around a property. A wide range of office functionalities can be streamlined through the right platform, like access control or room booking technology. However, it can also be used for larger, more community-based initiatives.

The key to supporting an entire community is digital programming. Now, landlords and property teams can offer local events and opportunities through a building’s mobile app, such as deals at local restaurants or even volunteering.  

For example, The Swig Companys cultural platform h3experiences creates engaging environments that are centered on fostering communities and putting people first. After hosting h3experiences through HqO’s tenant experience platform, they were able to directly inform employees of sustainability, wellness, and community impact initiatives in real-time

One of these initiatives included partnering with Life Learning Academy, a local charter school for at-risk children. They were able to bring notice to the school’s culinary program by promoting bake sales and sharing information about the school and ways to support its students. As a result, over 50% of the tenants app users have been actively engaged month-to-month! 

The best offices do not exist within a bubble: it’s important to create experiences that are open to the larger community to bring meaning and team-building into the workplace.

Using Tenant Experience Software For Change

At HqO, we know the impact that a tenant experience platform can have on local communities. For years, we’ve partnered with Building Impact, a nonprofit organization that is transforming corporate volunteering. 

Last year, we worked with Building Impact to extend their annual food drive to HqO clients in ten major commercial real estate markets. Building occupants had the opportunity to directly fight hunger in communities severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our more recent initiatives with Building Impact have also garnered outstanding results, specifically our International Women’s Day and Pride Month programming that was available to all HqO customers.

Charity Impact Spotlight: International Women’s Day 

In order to support survivors of domestic violence, our tenant experience app users assembled stress relief kits on March 8th, which is International Women’s Day. Some highlights of the event include: 

  • We positively impacted a total of 330 lives 
  • The collective impact of donated goods and volunteer time was worth $6,340 
  • The total value of donated goods was $4,400

On top of these results, participants provided positive feedback: 

“This was an awesome experience. Thanks for making my morning with this activity and giving me a chance to step out of my daily bubble to think of someone else.” 

Charity Impact Spotlight: Pride Month 

This past June, we also offered a unique app user experience to give back. In celebration of Pride month, participants assembled bins for LGBTQ+ youths attending summer camp. Some notable numbers include:

  • We positively impacted a total of 440 lives 
  • The collective impact of donated goods and volunteer time was worth $5,970
  • The total value of donated goods was $4,400

Those who participated in the event rated the volunteer experience 4.9 out of 5 stars, and gave some great feedback:

“Very cool. Thanks for making it easy and providing a human connection!” 

“Very informative and fun, easy way to give back!”

All in all, our partnership with Building Impact is paramount to helping our customers establish a sense of community in and around their properties. After several years of facilitating volunteer opportunities like these, Building Impact has named HqO a 2020 Gold Impact Award recipient. This distinction commemorates outstanding volunteer engagement and commitment to community service. 

Foster A Conscious Workplace, From Anywhere

So how can you bring experiences like the above into your workplace? Gone are the days when building managers have to spend weeks planning engaging in-person events, or scramble to find ways to communicate a monthly calendar of activities.

Our Services and Tenant Experience teams work with national service provider partners in our HqOS Marketplace to create monthly tenant engagement calendars. These calendars, which are part of every white labeled building app, ensure you can engage tenants whether they are working remotely or from off-site, flexible spaces

Engagement and satisfaction are essential to attract and retain tenants. Our goal is to make it easier than ever to offer digital and physical programming to your tenants, without any additional burden on your property management team. 

Don’t wait — start creating engaging tenant experiences today and schedule a free consultation.

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