Virtual Engagement for Remote Workers: 5 Tenant Experience Programs You Can Run Online

virtual engagement for remote workers: tenant experience programs you can run online
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In one of the early days of my then-new job at HqO, I walked into the lobby of our office building particularly tired. I was still getting used to my new commute, which had more than tripled in distance from my previous job, and that morning’s drive had particularly drained me.

It had taken nearly three hours to get to work, roughly twice what I typically spent in traffic. 

I was exhausted. My normal, strong cup of coffee just wasn’t cutting it after sitting in bumper-to-bumper gridlock for so long. 

How was I going to attack the day?

No sooner had the question crossed my mind than I saw a few friendly faces waiting just before the elevators up to the 12th floor: A few HqO teammates were manning an event where tenants could claim a cup of coffee — paid for by the team who runs our building — that I had RSVP’d for in the HqO tenant experience app for our office the night before. 

To summarize a longer story, that day wound up being one of my most productive days ever. I was on fire, highly-focused and motivated. But it wasn’t the coffee — no amount of caffeine could have saved me that morning. 

Rather, it was the simple surprise and following feeling of appreciation I felt when I stepped into the building that day. 

It sounds silly, but that one small moment sparked an extra pep in my step and turned what should have been a rough day completely upside down for the better. 

Inspired, I later did some research on the topic and discovered that what I felt isn’t all that uncommon. In fact, data shows that very small moments of appreciation and convenience like the one I just described can actually create a massive ripple effect.


I woke up recently with that not-so-unfamiliar feeling of exhaustion and overwhelmedness that has become much closer to the norm than is comfortable during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it got me thinking: I could really use a surprise cup of coffee right about now.

As we approach six-plus months of quarantine and remote working, it’s more important than ever to remember the people who fill your bustling buildings during “normal” times — and make sure they feel excited, comfortable, and safe coming back to their offices when the time comes.

It’s with those tenants in mind that HqO’s world-class tenant experience team creates a robust sample programing schedule every month, and why we provide white-glove service to our customers to implement an effective tenant experience strategy. We’re humans who appreciate the little things just as much as you — and your customers — do. And whether they’re at home or back in the workplace, we want to make sure they always have that surprise cup of coffee when they need it.

With that said, here’s a quick sampler of five digital program ideas that you can treat your tenants to during remote work. For more ideas and resources, check out the HqO Back-to-Work Kit.

Virtual Engagement Program Ideas for Remote Working


Who doesn’t love trivia? This classic program is quick and easy to produce, and provides a fun, short, in-app event that building occupants look forward to week after week. Want to spice it up? Create some themed trivia questions and give away a gift card to the winner.

Sponsor a Food Drive
Engage your tenants with a program that helps fulfill your corporate social responsibility (CSR) and keeps the challenges of the present at the forefront. Did you know that 12% of American adults don’t have to eat enough due to financial difficulties week to week since the onset of COVID-19? Or that almost 20% of Americans with kids at home can’t afford to give them enough food? Partner proudly with an organization like Building Impact, which runs ongoing food drives to deliver safe and sanitary donations to local food pantries.

Have a Magic-Themed Class for the Kids

In many places around the country, kids still haven’t returned to a physical school building yet; even where they have, many more are only going part time. After six months of home learning and parent-provided entertainment, your tenants might be feeling burnt out or even simply stumped for new ideas. Let an HqO Marketplace partner like HOM help with one of their many kid-themed programs, available live or on-demand, with technology that seamlessly integrates into your existing HqO tenant experience app. 

Make Time for Mom

Speaking of burnout, show some appreciation for all the moms (and dads!) putting in some overtime lately with a fitness or wellness program. Even 10 minutes of exercise and alone time can make a big impact, and with tons of popular programs like yoga, guided meditation, or cardio fitness, an HqO Marketplace partner like EXOS will be a big hit with tenants.

Introduce a New Hobby

Dust off that guitar you’ve had sitting in the corner since college and learn to play with three simple chords in a 45-minute “watch and learn” pre-recorded instructional class that will offer steps and tips to learn, create, and “do.” Not into playing guitar? That’s cool too, as similar step-by-step classes will spark your creativity with clever, at-home DIY projects, crafts, and fun.

Ready to learn more about virtual engagement or how to get tenants back to the workplace safely and comfortably? Check out the HqO Back-to-Work Kit, or contact us to speak with a representative today!

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