Unpacking the Rise of Workplace Experience Technology

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It might be hard for us to imagine now, but its important to remember that the daily commute was once a non-negotiable fact of life.

In fact, most employees once made serious life choiceschoices about where to live, for examplebased on the length and quality of their workplace commutes. Thats because, in the past, the world was a different place: companies expected their workers to sacrifice serious amounts of time, money, and convenience just to come into the office. And in most cases, employees accepted the terms of this bargain without thinking twice.

But now, years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the terms of that deal have changed forever, and the tumultuous rise of hybrid work means that todays top employers will have to do more to keep their employees engaged in their workplace environments. Thats one of the reasons why HqOs Office Insights report found that 92% of todays top commercial real estate companies think employees will expect more from their workplaces in the futureemployers know that they need better tools to enhance their workplace environments.

Thats where HqO comes in: the new imperative to improve the employee experience has led to many companies to adopt workplace experience technology like HqO, which improves the employee experience by enhancing the workplace. According to HqOs State of Workplace Experience report, for example, 96% of todays commercial real estate companies already useor will soon usea workplace experience app like HqO at their properties. This shows that the reach of workplace experience technology is now substantial; research from firms like EY suggests that the technology will only continue to spread in coming years. But as the demand for workplace experience technology continues to grow, its important to remember that these technologies are by no means identical. In order to get the most out of your spending on the workplace, you’ll need to make sure that your preferred technology solution addresses all of your employees needs through a single location.

The HqO Difference

In the age of hybrid work, your employees need access to practical tools that help them succeed in their workplace environments. But todays employees dont just need added utility to help them reach successthey also need engaging in-person events, content, and digital programming to help extend company culture beyond the four walls of the office. They need access to important features (like HqOs Whos In) that enable them to build stronger workplace connections to enhance collaboration and increase satisfaction.

HqO delivers all of this and more by offering best-in-class product capabilities in each of the following areas:

  1. Access and security
  2. Space and maintenance
  3. Employee engagement strategies

Unlike other technology providers, HqO understands that every customer has a unique set of business goals and experience needs. By taking a right-size-fits-all approach, we help you get the most out of your spending on the workplace, while also attracting and engaging the best available talent. We also offer all of our solutions through a single unified platform, which has the ability to grow with your business to support your needs on an ongoing basis.

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