What’s the Best Tenant Engagement Platform for Landlords?

The Best Tenant Engagement Platform for Landlords | HqO
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Cultivating your building’s tenant experience is your most important retention strategy. By making sure the small details of every employee’s day are accounted for — such as their morning commute, their favorite coffee and lunch spots, or even post-work activities — you can strengthen your building community and keep tenants drawn to the office. In the modern commercial real estate (CRE) industry, tenant experience is now being driven by the rise of the digital tenant experience. In short, the growth of hybrid work models and increased flexibility for the workplace means that tenants expect value and engagement in both the real world and the virtual world. For these reasons, having a tenant engagement platform for landlords that can bridge the physical and digital workplace experience is now a necessary part of your building’s tool kit. Through tenant experience software, you can scale property experiences in a truly customized, successful manner.

Using a Tenant Engagement Platform to Address Tenant Needs

The value of a tenant experience platform will depend on the specific goals of the landlord who adopts it. However, the function of tenant management software remains the same: to drive open landlord-tenant communications and to enable landlords to better address specific tenant wants and needs.

A successful tenant communication app will play an essential role in driving tenant engagement. When paired with your building’s existing technology systems — as well as top-tier technology partner integrations — you can start collecting actionable data on your building’s end-users, to learn what spaces and experiences tenants engage with the most. Backed with such meaningful insights, you can then guide your investment decisions when it comes to office amenities and programming. 

This real-time feedback will allow you to keep on top of the latest office trends, such as:

  • Tech-enabled Offices: In today’s workplace environment, having wireless Internet connectivity isn’t enough. Tenants are increasingly looking for commercial spaces that are specifically designed to accommodate emerging and evolving technologies such as the Internet-of-Things (IoT), automation, machine learning, and robotics.
  • Flex Space: Because the modern business world requires constant growth and change, tenants are increasingly looking for spaces that can grow and change with them. Wise building owners may want to start adding flexible features to their offices such as movable walls and modular furniture. Additionally, they will need the right technology systems to facilitate the usage of flex space, such as mobile access, digital visitor registration, resource booking, and more.
  • Engaging the Community: Another way to ensure happy tenants is to bring valuable personal amenities into the workplace. Whether you’re a multi-use building or surrounded by local opportunities, you can optimize work-life balance by bringing restaurants, gyms, and shopping opportunities closer to the office through a strategically programmed tenant engagement platform.

The HqOS Marketplace: A One-Stop-Shop for Tenant Apps

If you want to strengthen tenant engagement with your office while discovering what your tenants value most in a workplace, tenant experience technology is a must. But with the wealth of tenant experience startups and tenant apps on the market today, which one is the best app for tenants? Additionally, which approach can reduce complexity for property teams and create a truly seamless experience across the entire building?

To address these needs, HqO created a remote control for your building, which is part of it’s larger end-to-end operating system. Resembling a “built-world” version of the app store, the HqOS Marketplace helps commercial building owners and property managers to address procurement challenges in a proptech market that is becoming increasingly fragmented. Owners and operators can search for industry-leading partners and add value to their commercial portfolio using one single tool. 

The HqOS platform allows your property team to:

  • Manage all customer-facing technology tools
  • Enhance physical spaces with digital experiences
  • Publish content to engage and inform your community
  • Accelerate the implementation of innovative asset strategies
  • Tailor digital experiences directly to the people who occupy your building
  • Find and manage apps and vendors in one place
  • Capture, store, and analyze diverse information about how people use your building
  • Engage in data-driven decision making
  • Configure and deploy your overall tenant experience strategy

The Future of Tenant Software

Tenant software has changed the very face of tenant engagement. In fact, a January 2020 report by the independent Altus Group determined that the rapid pace of digital transformation in the commercial real estate sector will only continue to accelerate throughout 2021.

For more about the ways in which HqO is leading the tenant engagement industry, request a free demo today.

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