Why Office Space Software is a ‘Must-Have’ for Your Portfolio

Why Office Space Software is a ‘Must-Have’ for Your Portfolio | HqO
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Today’s commercial real estate landscape is more complex than ever. Tenant and office building needs have evolved – and are continuing to evolve – at a dizzying rate. The flexibility offered by hybrid work models, which gained mass popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is set to become a permanent fixture of how modern companies do business. Because of this, there is more need for physical-to-digital office experiences than ever before. Fortunately, robust office space software already exists to bridge this gap, as well as to ensure that you and your tenants’ needs are being met. 

Managing office space using office space technology allows commercial real estate (CRE) pros to not only create a better experience for their team members, but also for the people they serve. Powerful and intuitive software can offer a personalized, customer-first experience that helps create office spaces where people want to work. From streamlining administrative processes to digitizing building amenities to heightening your building security, it all depends on having the right software solution for the job.

Variations in Office Space Software

Across every industry, advanced technology has been used to make operations run more smoothly. The healthcare industry has seen records and communications move from paper to integrated digital technology. In the retail industry, consumers have been handed more and more tailored experiences with the use of powerful customer relationship management technology. And now, the commercial real estate landscape is being changed with the use of office space software to bring property teams closer to building occupants and create top-tier workplace experiences. 

Currently, there are many categories of office space software solutions available in the market. Though helpful and necessary, the complex and rapidly growing proptech landscape can result in fragmented technology stacks within one’s building, a head-spinning procurement process, and general difficulty determining which solutions are the right fit for one’s buildings.

True end-to-end solutions – like HqOS™, the only full operating system for CRE – streamline all of these processes in an easy-to-use command center. From one single source, CRE professionals can manage portfolio strategy, amenities, logistics, health, maintenance, and more, as well as uncover meaningful data and benchmarking opportunities that can help differentiate and transform their assets.

Additionally, HqOS provides office space SaaS, or software-as-a-service. With the right technology expert and ongoing support, property teams can create custom solutions for their buildings through deep integrations such as office space APIs. This collaborative process helps strengthen relationships and build in adaptability for any office strategy, no matter where today’s professionals are working.

Use-Cases for Office Space Technology

The power of an end-to-end office space solution becomes more obvious when you consider the specifics of how it can be applied. Now that the modern workplace has transcended the four walls of the office building, digital programming is at the forefront of many workplace conversations. Digital programming not only activates all your building features, but it also brings amenities and culture-based services directly to your tenants. 

Within the HqO Marketplace alone, we offer a range of best-in-class technology partners that allow you to engage with your tenants in unique ways. From a single tool, landlords and property teams can address whatever needs their tenants raise, quickly and easily. From office space planning software, to office space ticketing, to even an office space visual directory, our categories of partners can achieve solutions in the following areas: Accessibility, Entertainment & Education, Food & Beverage, Mobility, Security, Sustainability, Wellness, and Workplace Solutions.

Best Practices for the Future

Of course, how a system is deployed has a significant impact on how well it functions. Many of our clients have taken advantage of adopting digital strategies for their portfolios early on, with successful results. Here are a few of their stories that include office space management best practices:

The Swig Company

This company’s approach to their Bay Area office buildings has offered their tenants a great customer experience through establishing a tenant-centric model. Swig expanded upon their existing tenant programming in a way that was both meaningful and adaptable with the times — placing emphasis on their return to the workplace, corporate social responsibility efforts, and sustainability initiatives to keep their tenants informed, aligned, and involved with the company’s progressive goals.

Hudson Pacific Properties

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of complexity and change in the commercial real estate industry. With the help of HqO, Hudson Pacific was able to implement solutions that included real-time communication with tenants alongside a range of solutions that kept their tenants safe. Their quick thinking and rapid deployment positioned Hudson Pacific as an agile leader in the CRE space, being one of the first major landlords to roll out an app on this scale.

J.P. Morgan (UK)

At London’s coveted Spitalfields Market, landlord J.P. Morgan wanted to create safer — and more engaging — physical and digital opportunities for their tenants and visitors. To adapt to modern health concerns and improve the overall experience, the global landlord knew the following were key to their success: re-opening their office space and market post-lockdown, providing information on COVID-19 safety measures, granting Spitalfields Market’s office occupiers access to the market and its traders and deals, and elevating their sustainability initiatives.

These examples represent just a few of the possibilities you can unlock with quality office space software and an end-to-end operating system for tenant experience. Want to see what HqO can do for you? Get your free demo today!

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