Why Your Property Management App Can’t Stand Alone

Why Your Property Management App Can’t Stand Alone | HqO
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In recent years, the tenant experience (TeX) space has been flooded with new software providers and offerings, often making it difficult to identify the best property management app from the rest. However, the pandemic has drastically changed where, when, and how people work, and commercial office owners must now take a hybrid approach to the workplace by creating exceptional physical and digital experiences. Thus, the market has seen the fairly recent introduction of advanced property management software and other technologies that aim to enhance any property. 

Property management software, or software that helps streamline and automate the day-to-day responsibilities for property teams, has been around for the past several years. This software is capable of functionalities such as marketing one’s portfolio, lease management, measuring and maintaining portfolio performance, tenant retention, and customer satisfaction. Property management software ensures that owners, managers, and operators can succeed in evolving markets. Such technologies can also help teams gather additional meaningful data about their buildings to help strengthen their strategies at scale in less time.

At its best, property management software fosters these experiences through accessible avenues. Cell phones are a powerful way to reach tenants: in fact, the average American checks their phone 96 times a day. With over 8,000 proptech companies available to the office sector, it can be difficult to determine exactly which commercial property management software solutions are the best fit for one’s portfolio. Ranging from apps, to online property management software, to otherwise disparate building systems, the most effective office technology integrations require more than just the software alone.

Stronger together: partner capabilities

The very nature of the HqOS Marketplace emphasizes that in a constantly changing market, commercial real estate technology works better together. The Marketplace allows property teams to discover and manage best-in-class proptech partners all in one place.  

Even the most basic, simple property management software can seem daunting without prior knowledge of the crucial capabilities a modern-day office building requires. With the HqOS Marketplace, property owners can leave the technical complexity of integrating property management software to us: our ecosystem of providers is completely interoperable with HqOS — saving our clients crucial time on finding compatible solutions for their buildings. Here are some of the best property management apps that operate within the HqOS Marketplace: 

Angus Systems

  • Angus Systems is one robust example of online property management software. They offer mobile and cloud-based work order and operations management solutions for commercial real estate teams.
  • Their core capabilities involve maintenance management and service management software, which include detailed and optimized work order lifecycle tracking.
  • Angus also facilitates simplified amenity reservations for tenants and buildings. 

Join Digital 

  • Join Digital offers a slew of cloud-based services for smart offices and buildings, as well as a unique online property management software solution. 
  • Their app allows building occupants to schedule elevator trips and coordinate elevator access in real-time. With this scheduling app, users can plan and manage their journey, ensuring a safe and smooth ride. 


  • Jones introduced a noteworthy solution to the world of commercial property management software: their capabilities easily allow property managers and real estate owners to ensure that tenants and vendors are compliant. 
  • Jones provides property owners with complete visibility into the state of compliance of each party operating on their property — from collecting and auditing insurance certificates to providing tenants with pre-compliant vendors for their service needs — Jones offers the insurance tracking system needed to simplify compliance for every use case.

Building Engines 

  • Building Engines offers Prism, one of the most innovative building operations platforms for commercial real estate. Their property management software for landlords, tenants, engineers, and CRE executives offers several core capabilities that make operating a building an easier experience for all. 
  • Through their online property management software, clients can file work orders, optimize building communications, carry out inspections, as well as address insurance, space management, and visitor access needs. 

The best property management apps communicate with  greater systems

Though these property management apps each aim to solve unique issues for commercial real estate professionals, the need for disparate capabilities to operate within greater systems persists. It’s clear that the growing ecosystem of technology partners in HqOS™ — including such property management apps from Join Digital, Jones, Angus Systems and Building Engines — can not only reduce administrative processes for property teams, but also help create overall seamless experiences for tenants throughout your building.

The vision of a true operating system for commercial real estate — which includes access to pre-vetted best-in-class technology partners, a tenant-facing platform, and data collection and analytics tools — has always guided HqO’s unique approach to tenant experience and engagement. A combined platform and mobile app model, alongside a marketplace for finding and configuring technology apps into white-labeled tenant experience products, an enterprise-grade user authorization model, and a cadre of analytics tools, all coalesce into HqOS™ — the first end-to-end operating system for office buildings. 

Here’s how each layer of the HqOS operating system for tenant experience is specifically designed to complement these existing partner technologies, and allow our clients access to their best-in-class services: 

  • The Tenant Experience Platform acts as a universal remote for any property. Made up of the Tenant Web and Tenant App, the Tenant Experience Platform allows our customers to create rich digital experiences for the people who occupy their buildings. 
    • The Tenant Web replicates all of the functionality available in the Tenant Experience Platform and converts it into a user-friendly web experience accessible to tenants via their laptop or desktop computer. This product allows our customers to deliver more robust digital programming, empower tenant representatives with another channel to access key functionality, and create a more engaging overall experience for building occupants.
    • The Tenant App centralizes key property experiences and technologies into one application, enabling owners and property teams to deliver rich experiences, reduce friction, and create a strong connection with their tenants.
  • The HqOS Partner Portal makes integrations with HqOS easier and faster for partners, while also increasing the number of available pre-vetted technologies for building owners. The feature gives Marketplace partners the ability to set up new apps in HqOS and easily install their technology into customer buildings or portfolios within HqOS upon request. Partners will have self-service tools to ensure their functionality, user models, and data models match up with HqOS standards — further increasing the flexibility and customization of the HqOS platform and delivering a streamlined, end-to-end solution for HqO’s customers.
  • The new Digital Grid™ user experience provides an analytics view that integrates all the key components of landlords’ building(s) and portfolio: buildings, amenities, and tenant behavior. By centralizing and structuring data within our CRE-specific data model, the Digital Grid helps owners and operators uncover insights, take action to differentiate their assets, and make informed decisions across their portfolio.

Harness these capabilities today

The HqOS™ system is even more impactful when integrated with additional property management software for landlords, which is why our ecosystem of providers is completely interoperable with HqOS.

To harness the power of HqOS for your portfolio, you don’t need to sacrifice the best property management apps: our “plug and play” partner technologies will help you deploy innovative asset strategies and deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

Want to deliver rich experiences, reduce friction, and create a strong connection with tenants? Reserve your HqOS Demo today, and find out how you can centralize key property experiences and technologies into one application. 

HqOS, the end-to-end operating system for CRE | HqO

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