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Greet tenants, employees, and guests with ease.

Tenants and employees no longer have to use physical key cards to enter the workplace. Ensure that your building or office entry is modern and effortless for tenants, employees, and their guests. Now you can avoid unnecessary paperwork and follow ups with your property management or administrative team.


Access Right from the Phone

Enhance your property’s customer experience by convenient and contactless building entry. Now, any individual will be able to safely and efficiently enter your building, office, or spaces with just a tap or swipe of a phone. We integrate with the most popular access control systems so you can continue to use your existing systems.

Mobile office access
access control visitor management

No-Wait Visitor Management

Our built-in and integrated technology solutions can ensure that your guests are prepared before they even enter the building. Reception and security teams can quickly check-in guests and notify tenants and employees of their arrival, while also understanding exactly who is in the building or workplace at any given time.

Office visitor management

Capture Every Swipe

Every entrance to your building and spaces provides you with real-time data on how and when workers and tenant companies overall are using your property, and helps you identify trends over time.

access control visitor management

“We also leverage our integration with Datawatch Systems to enable keyless access into our building [...] These experiences transform it into a necessary workplace utility. It’s become such an important tool in keeping our tenants happy and creating convenience throughout their day.”

Alesia Sanganoo
Tenant Engagement Manager at Lincoln Property Company

In The Marketplace

We help you secure your buildings and offices with technology partners and integrations you can trust. Our top providers include:

The District Burlington

The BOMA award-winning team of The District in Burlington, MA

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