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Physical keycards can take time to set up and provision, as well as be a hassle when lost or forgotten. It’s no surprise that with over 93% of the U.S. population using a smartphone, the use of mobile-based credentials is now the fastest-growing access control product — up about 150% in growth rate between 2017 and 2018. In fact, research firm IHS Markit predicts that more than 120 million mobile credentials will be downloaded in 2023.

The growing mobile access control industry also explains why, according to a 2019 survey by HID Global and Security Management, an estimated 54% of businesses have upgraded or will upgrade to mobile/door access control systems in the next three years. This number is sure to increase with today’s modern health and safety needs, as more property teams and tenants seek out spaces with touchless, automated building experiences.

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Mobile Access Control

Upgrade to a mobile-friendly access solution

By pairing existing solutions with our Tenant Experience Platform, you will be able to bring all of your building’s offerings into one, convenient location to help enhance the access experience of your tenants’ employees. This will also help elevate your building’s existing amenities and experiences by being able to connect each tenant to what excites them most about your workplace. These integrations will ultimately provide tenant companies with a centralized place to access key building experiences in a modern way, allowing you to track what tools, technologies, experiences, events, and more they engage with the most.

Technology integrations you can trust

By leveraging the HqOS Marketplace to procure new partners, you can shop for best-in-class technologies from a single location, while also knowing they will be interoperable with the overall platform and have their business relationships and deal structures already in place.

All of our pre-vetted partners operate seamlessly with our mobile access dashboards, providing you with clear visibility into who is in your buildings at any given time.

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Access Control Partners

Choose from best-in-class access control providers

Through our Tenant Experience Platform, you will be able to provision mobile access credentials to tenants. By “tapping” or “twisting” their phone by readers to access their building or suite, tenants will experience a safe, secure, and frictionless building entry. HqO is fully integrated with the top access technology providers including:

  • HID
  • Openpath
  • Proxy
  • Datawatch
  • Kastle
  • STid

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