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Elevate your workplace operations.

Workplace operations are only getting more complicated for landlords and employers. Continuously evolving tenant or employee demands. Rapidly changing expectations. Supporting hybrid work. New technology. Limited insights on workplace investments. Hiring has also never been more challenging. You need solutions that make your life easier, while delivering unique experiences to everyone in your building.

Create World-Class Experiences

The HqO platform — integrated with many of your existing systems and enriched with our built-in functionalities — makes your life easier by automating workflows for common requests like work orders, space reservations, resource booking, and more. Tenants and employees can easily enter and track requests within the HqO app. We’ll help you avoid unnecessary phone calls and emails so you can spend more time on activities that create true value in the workplace. Plus, we work closely with you to drive adoption of our technology. Now, you’ll be able to easily deliver experiences that set your workplace apart from the competition.

Empower Building Users

Allow your authorized tenants or employees to create and track work orders, book amenities, access your building or office suite, register visitors, and more. This can be done from anywhere, and at any time, through HqO’s easy-to-use self-service mobile and web app.

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Enhance Communication

The ability to reach your tenants and employees in a timely manner is key to any attraction and retention strategy. Communicate directly with everyone in your building, whether they’re in the office or working remotely. Send push notifications about event or building updates, workplace surveys, and more to your tenants or employees through the HqO app. No need to worry about maintaining outdated email lists of tenants or employees.

Stay Informed

Use our powerful data analytics tools to gain real-time amenity usage and tenant or employee feedback insights so you can proactively make changes to improve the workplace experience.

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Support Hybrid Work

Deliver diverse flex solutions around resource booking, access, content, and more to support your tenants’ and their employees’ changing needs. You can also utilize and customize pricing, membership levels, credits, and short-term leasing tools.


“Before, we would use something separate for accounting, our reservations, our work orders, and so on. Now, we see [the HqO platform] bring either one or all of those services together.”

Adam Gibbs
Assistant Property Manager

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Workplace Operation Solutions

At HqO, we’ve got you covered. Our solutions span across every aspect of workplace experience management to ensure efficient building operations for employers and property teams.

  • Communication
  • Access Control & Visitor Management
  • Resource Booking for Landlords
  • Resource Booking for Employers
  • Work Orders

In The Marketplace

We partner with your existing technology systems to transform your workplace into a seamless, well-oiled machine.

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