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How to Optimize Natural Light for Healthier and Happier Boston Workspaces

Reading Time: 3 minutes With Bostons long winters and towering buildings, natural light can be a precious commodity. Here, in…

Earning Back the Bostonian Commute

Reading Time: 3 minutes Boston’s a city that thrives on ambition, but let’s face it, the infamous commute can quickly…

Top Properties Offering Stress Busters for Busy Boston Employees

Reading Time: 3 minutes Boston’s CRE scene thrives on a fast-paced, dynamic environment. But with ambition comes the ever-present threat…

Beyond the Curb Appeal: Unveiling Bostons Hidden CRE Parking Gems

Reading Time: 2 minutes The post-pandemic office landscape is transforming, and savvy Boston CRE leaders are adapting. While remote work…

Pedal into Spring: Boston’s Top Bike-Friendly Properties

Reading Time: 2 minutes Boston’s icy slumber is thawing, replaced by the anticipation of blossoming trees and blooming possibilities. What…

Boston, Massachusetts, USA downtown skyline on the Charles River in the morning.
Neighborhood Spotlight: Bostons Back Bay

Reading Time: 3 minutes Boston’s Back Bay isn’t just steeped in history and charm; it’s a thriving hub for the…

Boston, USA - April 28, 2015: People at Post Office Square and Skyline with Skyscrapers of downtown Boston, MA, USA.
Breathe Easier, Work Smarter: Why Boston’s CRE is Going Green

Reading Time: 3 minutes From towering offices to bustling retail spaces, Boston’s commercial landscape has always thrived on innovation, but…

Boston Foodie Paradise: CRE Properties with Drool-worthy Food Offerings

Reading Time: 2 minutes Let’s face it, amazing restaurants can elevate any experience, making them a powerful magnet for tenants…

Optimizing Real Estate Experience (REX) to Engage the Hybrid Workforce in Boston

Reading Time: 3 minutes The pandemic ignited a revolution in the workplace, propelling “hybrid work” to center stage. Forced by…

Boston, Massachusetts, USA skyline with Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market at dusk.
Boston Landlords Winning by Focusing on Real Estate Experience (REX)

Reading Time: 2 minutes The commercial real estate industry in Boston, like many other major cities, is experiencing a paradigm…

Boston downtown financial district and city skyline
Beyond Wall Street: A spotlight on the top properties of Boston’s Financial District

Reading Time: 2 minutes Boston’s Financial District stands tall as a bustling hub of economic activity, attracting businesses from various…

A portrait of young girl or woman doing cardio workout in a gym.
Sweat at the best: 5 top fitness centers in CRE Boston properties

Reading Time: 2 minutes As the new year unfolds, many are embracing the “New Year, New Me” mentality, seeking opportunities…

3 Turnkey Event Partners to Spread Holiday Cheer Among Boston Tenants

Reading Time: 2 minutes The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread joy and cheer in…