Keeping Workplace Amenities and Tenant Needs Aligned

Keeping Workplace Amenities and Tenant Needs Aligned | HqO
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As flex space trends soar, office owners and operators seek additional opportunities to provide value to tenants and more effectively monetize space. Certain workplace amenities — which are shared spaces within a building that offer convenience or enjoyment — have become increasingly popular for this reason. The need for bookable conference rooms, event space, and other resources will only continue to accelerate due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that hybrid work models are here to stay, there will also be additional space available across many portfolios.

Thus, weve enhanced our HqOS built-in resource booking capabilities to help establish flexible office amenities. Property teams can easily facilitate the booking of everything from single desks to more complex in-building resources, such as event or conference spaces that require cleaning between each booking window. Our new workflows also allow users to collect payment at the time of booking, access reports for financial tracking and reconciliation, and in some cases, enable third parties to manage spaces on their behalf.

Here are the latest updates you need to know:

Creating Resources

Property managers will be able to create resources for their employee amenities within their property. From the HqOS homepage, they can set custom hours and a minimum booking duration by the day of the week, set buffers between each booking to allow for cleaning, and create custom questions required for booking. Questions may include inquiring about the number of attendees, the purpose of the booking, special requests, and more.

Booking Management

Once a tenant submits a request through HqOs Tenant Experience Platform, building administrators can approve or reject those reservation requests, as well as view responses to booking questions. HqOS Resource Management screen will allow property teams to filter requests by resource name or acceptance status. They will also be able to send an email directly to the user requesting the booking, as well as view the user-submitted responses to mandatory booking questions.

Tenant Experience

On the tenant side, our resource booking flow has been updated to ensure a productive and positive experience with existing building resources. Users can not only submit requests through their building app to book the resource with ease, but also input key details and requests needed to ensure their needs are met (setup assistance, catering services, etc.). Additionally, they can see their booking history, cancel requests, and view resources from both a calendar-level and available booking window.

Implementing New Office Technology

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for property teams, so to create the best workplace amenities for your tenants, you will need to leverage a technology provider that can be as diverse and flexible as your building community. With our enhanced solutions, you and your tenants can book rooms and spaces with ease. These modern workplace amenities features will reduce tenant pain points, ultimately serving as a true differentiator for your office portfolio.

To learn more about how HqO can help you foster a more flexible workplace, download Flex Forward: Your Guide to Bringing a Hospitality-First Approach to the Office.

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