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ESG and Your Building

In the past few years, we’ve seen many changes to the workplace including a drastic shift in the value drivers of commercial real estate (CRE). The things that once made a workplace enticing and meaningful — such as its location and its physical amenities — are being challenged by an equally heightened focus on appealing …

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A Better Workplace Experience through Customer Success | HqO

Customer Success and a Better Workplace Experience

Last week, we talked about the importance of technology in the workplace and its ability to enhance the tenant engagement journey — all the way from initial activation to building full-fledged customer loyalty. And, needless to say, workplace technology comes with a lot of moving parts. Property teams have an endless array of modern solutions to …

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Optimizing Engagement with Workplace Experiences | HqO

Optimizing Engagement in the Workplace

Experiences have taken the commercial real estate (CRE) industry by storm. So much so, that a strong focus on personalized workplace experiences is the key behind modern property teams’ ability to attract and retain tenants, increase NOI, and differentiate their properties. With tenant demands and hybrid work constantly evolving, providing unique experiences in the workplace …

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Inside HqO: Nora Hughes 

Nora Hughes  Lead Product Researcher at HqO  Nora is a Lead Product Researcher at HqO, reporting to the Engineering, Product, and Design (EPD) teams. Her role consists of conducting external research to help improve the HqO product as well as having internal conversations around customer concerns. She then provides strategic, evidence-based recommendations to Product leadership …

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Retail at Work and the Experiences Driving Tenant Engagement | HqO

Retail at Work: The Experiences Driving Tenant Engagement

We’ve been talking a lot about connected retail experiences, but let’s face it: retail is a fairly broad term. It’s made to encompass all forms of selling goods and services to the public. For example, your daily coffee order is considered retail. However, so are your dry cleaning and specialty service needs. For the office, …

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The New Tenant Journey in Commercial Real Estate | HqO

The New Tenant Journey

The dynamics of the employer-employee relationship have profoundly changed in what we all hope are the waning days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Until March 2020, employers commonly set the work rules that determine the parameters of when employees worked, how they worked, and where they worked. While employers will continue to define how to best …

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cre data at work

CRE Data at Work: Supporting Leasing Needs, Investments, and Customer Satisfaction

Data collection is nothing new. Every time we use an app on our phones, companies are able to learn more about our habits through our unique behaviors. Ordering something online? Amazon can determine your interest in related products based on your order history. Hankering for your weekly Thai food dinner? UberEats might just start sending …

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Conversations: Assistant Property Manager at Cushman & Wakefield | HqO

Conversations with Cortney Haney of the Lincoln Centre (Dallas, TX)

Cortney Haney Assistant Property Manager (Community Manager) As an Assistant Property Manager for Cushman & Wakefield, Cortney manages all of the event planning and tenant relations at the Lincoln Centre located in Dallas, Texas. The property, which is owned by global investment firm Nuveen Real Estate, boasts of a lively building community, sustainable office practices, …

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