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Great Workplace Experiences Start with HqO

We connect people and places with an engaging, all-in-one workplace experience app that makes their lives easier, builds community, and optimizes physical spaces.

What is Workplace Experience?

Workplace experience (sometimes referred to as WX) is made up of the touch points, interactions, and environments that people encounter and feel while working. It connects employees with each other, with their company, and with the workplace wherever it may be. In turn, this increases employee productivity and satisfaction.

Traditionally, employers might have called it employee experience (EX). Most landlords have called it tenant experience (TX/TeX). No matter what you call it, times have changed. Spaces have changed. How and where people work have also changed.

Workplace experience is about enabling and supporting the workforce to do their best work. It doesnt just begin in a lobby and end at the elevators. It shouldnt be confined to the four walls of an office. Workplace experience is about providing a connected workplace everywhere you go even if its at home or during a long commute.

Workplace Experiences
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Why You Should Care About Workplace Experience

As an employer, you may worry about what employees want in an office, or how to offer them benefits and perks they care about. As a landlord, you may worry about lease renewals, how much of your property is occupied, or why nobody is using the basketball court you spent big money on.

For both, you need a direct connection to a mostly hybrid workforce. This will help you make smarter decisions and in turn make your people happier and more productive. In fact, our research shows that 68% of companies believe that investing in digital, dedicated employee and workplace experience tools are a significant component of attracting and retaining talent in todays market.

How Digital Workplace Experience Solutions Help

Workplace experience software, such as HqOs Workplace Experience App, offers a full end-to-end platform to support the modern workforce, regardless of physical location. It also gives you valuable feedback on what they prefer, what spaces are being utilized, and gives both employers and landlords invaluable insights to help them invest in the right things the things that make workers happy and productive.

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Workplace Experience
for Employers

Having a digital workplace experience solution enables companies and employers to connect with their workforce and offer them more than just great perks; it enables them to control their surroundings, feel safer, and be more productive.

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Workplace Experience
for Landlords

Having a digital workplace experience solution enables properties of all shapes and sizes to have a meaningful connection with the people in the hybrid workplace, which in turn creates a deeper connection with tenants.

Learn More About Workplace Experience

Heres a collection of guides to help you on your journey to becoming workplace experience-focused.