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Great Workplace Experiences Start with HqO

Connecting people and places with an engaging all-in-one mobile app that makes workers lives easier, builds community, and optimizes physical spaces.

Workplace Experience for Landlords

Lets be honest. How and where people work have radically changed. To get employees back into the office, companies need to rethink what it means to work in an office. For them, enabling employees to make the most of the time they are there to collaborate and connect to do their best work is mission critical.

As a landlord, its now more imperative than ever to provide a complete workplace experience that helps companies support their employees with workplace convenience services, building amenities, and technology. This will help you to not only attract new tenants, but to keep the ones you already have.

Workplace Experiences

How a Workplace Experience Platform Helps

Having a workplace experience platform enables property teams to create a more meaningful connection with the people in their building, which in turn adds value to the overall tenant experience. Ultimately, this enables you to make more informed financial decisions; attract, engage, and retain tenants; and differentiate your brand in the market.

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Understand the Tenant

Commercial real estate has traditionally made CapEx decisions based on hunches, assumptions, and even what others are doing. If youre still reacting to feedback from an annual tenant survey, youre already too late. Workplace experience software enables you to gather insights like tenant sentiment, what amenities are being used, what workplace events get the most engagement, and more. Having real-time workplace data on how people are using your property enables you to make smarter investment decisions and build a stronger community of tenants and their employees.

Create a Community

Events and activities have always been a fantastic way to engage tenants and make your property stand out. Traditionally, a property or community manager would have to display physical signs, or email the Office Managers of their tenants and hope they forwarded on the message to their employees. The result? Lackluster attendance and low perceived value of your offerings. By having a workplace app, youre directly connecting with people working and visiting your property. Promote events, fitness classes, offer discounts to on-site retail, and more! Many of our properties have seen engagement double, by simply leveraging the app to create a more connected workplace.

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Do More With Less

According to Asana, the average U.S. employee changes through 13 apps, 30 times per day. By providing a unified, digital solution like HqOs Workplace Experience Platform, you can make peoples lives easier by consolidating features and benefits into a single app. Give them a universal remote control to the property. Give tenants office access control and help them pay for parking, get transportation schedules, order food delivery, reserve conference rooms, submit service tickets, book fitness classes, and more all from one place.

Learn More About Workplace Experience

Heres a collection of guides to help you on your journey to becoming workplace experience-focused.