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Great Workplace Experiences Start with HqO

Connecting people and places with an engaging all-in-one mobile app that makes workers lives easier, builds community, and optimizes physical spaces.

Workplace Experience
for Employers

The past couple of years have created one of the largest workforce shifts in decades. Traditionally, it was an expectation that employees would come into a physical office for a five-day workweek. Companies invested in building amenities and novelties such as ping-pong tables, free meals, and more to make their office seem more fun, appealing, and ultimately competitive.

Nowadays, employees want more from the modern office. They want flexibility. They want workplace conveniences, such as mobile access and room and desk booking. They want an environment that isnt just great for happy hours, but for all hours of the day. They also want the ability to choose where and how they can work best, be it in the office, at home, or somewhere else. Thus, employers need to provide the tools for a more seamless and connected workplace that fosters community, cultivates innovation and collaboration, and matches the experience that consumers are used to in their everyday lives.

Workplace Experiences

How a Workplace Experience Solution Helps

Your workplace experience should connect employees with each other, their company, and the physical workplace wherever it may be to foster employee productivity and satisfaction. Using workplace experience software enables companies and employers to connect with their workforce and offer them more than just great perks it enables them to control their unique employee experience, stay connected, feel safer, and be more productive.

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Do More With Less

According to Asana, the average U.S. employee changes through 13 apps, 30 times per day. By providing a unified, digital solution like HqOs Workplace Experience Platform, you can make your employees lives easier and more productive by consolidating multiple features and benefits into one app. It gives them a universal remote control to your offices. Enable them to work near who they need to on a given day by letting them choose where they want to work when they come in. In addition, you can offer touchless office access control, the ability to reserve parking, know when the next bus will arrive, order food in advance, and more all while creating engagement with your workplace app to ensure that employees use it throughout their day.

Create Deeper Connections

As an HR leader, maintaining connections with a hybrid workforce can be a challenge. Providing a digital workplace experience app allows you to attract and retain talent by connecting you directly to your employees. Deliver engaging content, perks, and discounts; offer online learning and fitness classes; and send out company updates to keep employees engaged no matter where they are.

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Optimize the Office

The way we work has changed, and your physical office needs to adapt. But, how? A workplace experience platform can help by providing you with workplace data and analytics to help you make better-informed investments. Poll employees on the features and amenities they prefer. Gain insight into which rooms, desks, and amenity spaces are popular and which arent. By leveraging usage data, you can stay confident that the changes you want to make are the right ones.

Enhance Employee Safety

Now more than ever, employee wellness and safety which contribute to comfort levels coming into the office are paramount. Workplace experience apps like HqO enable companies to send important safety and health communications directly to their employees. They also provide employees with features like visibility on how many people are in an office on a given day, the ability to book spaces and desks, insight on the air quality of the office, and touchless access across the property. When you invest in a workplace app, you will improve employee productivity, build stronger connections that increase engagement, reduce turnover, and make you an employer of choice.

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